Kb Essentials Produces Natural And Holistic Blends For Dogs And Cats

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CBD for Cats & Dogs by KB Pure Essentials

Kb PURE ESSENTIALS has extended their product line to include products that are formulated for cats and dogs. These range of products combat different conditions such as allergies, chronic pain and separation anxiety. Dog and cat owners can choose products formulated for cats as well as small and large dogs.

One of the best sellers in this pet line is the Hemp Pets-Classic Everyday CBD oil. The product is specifically tailored for pets who are anxious or are in pain. The oil contains 25mg of hemp cbd mixed with olive oil. Dosage is based on the discretion of the pet owner but it’s recommended to start low and see how well the pet responds to the dosage.

Brooke Brun of Kb Pure Essentials states; “Kb Pet Care products are specially formulated with herbs that work synergistically with CBD for maximum efficacy. This makes Kb pet care products one of a kind!”

Hemp Pets-Cat CBD oil is formulated with specific herbs in addition to CBD that are beneficial for cats. This is a godsend for cat owners who deal with crying at all hours of the night, scratched furniture and chewed up shoes from cats who are suffering from pain, social or separation anxiety.

Hemp Pets-Soothing CBD Shampoo calms and cleanses dogs at the same time. This shampoo eliminates common problems on dog’s coats such as rashes, itching and hot spots. Lavender and rosemary fragrances are added to ensure a relaxing experience during and after the dog’s wash.

Kb Pure Essentials sends their product batches to SD Pharm Labs, to undergo testing and analysis to ensure their products meet quality and safety standards. Pet owners can rest assured that Kb Pure Essential products will not give your pets a psychoactive effect. All of Kb Pure Essential products are made from industrial hemp, only trace amounts of THC are found in this type of CBD oil. This guarantees that pets who are given these products will not have any adverse psychoactive effects.

CBD For Dogs and Cats by Kb Pure Essentials

About Kb Pure Essentials:

Kb Pure Essentials is a lifestyle company that offers beauty and wellness products that are infused with CBD. The company was originally founded in 2013 as a beauty line and went on to include CBD in their products.

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