Providing Educational And Entertaining Cannabis Tours In San Diego

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Buds and Brews

MJ Tours is a tour company that provides uniquely planned cannabis tours. Guests on their tours have the option of partaking in grow, bud & brews, wake & bake or weed & wine tours. Their goal is to provide their guests with a better understanding of cannabis. Guests are taken to exclusive cannabis businesses that are not open to the public. This gives guests a more in depth, behind the scenes understanding of marijuana. The staff at MJ Tours are handpicked, knowledgeable and friendly to provide guests with a comfortable and fun filled experience.

When asked, “What makes MJ Tours different from other tours offered in San Diego?” Khris Spain from MJ Tours stated; “MJ Tours prides itself in creating the best creative cannabis experience by taking guests behind the scenes of the cannabis industry from seed to sale. Most of these facilities are not open to the general public like wineries and breweries, so that alone sets MJ Tours apart. MJ Tours is the only cannabis tour company who has access to these facilities.”

Customers have mentioned how excited and thrilled they are in the opportunity to meet cannabis cultivation scientists and learn about the entire process of the cannabis business which includes:

  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Testing
  • Measuring the plant to ensure it meets quality control

Guests are then taken to licensed dispensaries where they can purchase products at a discount. MJ Tours also provides a tour which teaches their guests how to cook with cannabis butter. Customers finish this tour with the ability to make cannabis infused treats of their own.

MJ Tours continues to provide quality, entertaining and educational tours to their guests. They also provide customized tours for guests who want a truly one of a kind tour for their group or party. MJ Tours is licensed to pick up guests from San Diego and LA airports, to make the experience that much more convenient and exciting.


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MJ Tours is a California based Cannabis Tour Firm that provides entertaining and memorable tours that teach you about cannabis, cultivation, the lifestyle and ways to integrated into your life responsibly. MJ Tours services the San Diego and Los Angeles area and is available for group tours only.


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